russian army

Punishments In The Russian Army

These hilarious pictures show what happens to you in the Russian army when you make a mistake. Forgot your rifle? Maybe carrying around a huge wooden rifle will help you remember next time! However, while these photos show the lighter side of hazing, the reality is often much more grim. Dedovshchina is Russian for the unofficial…

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Pain Relievers In Ancient Times

Top Ten Pain Relievers In Ancient Times

Pain relievers in ancient times. Many believe that patients before the early 20th century had to endure dental repairs, tooth extractions, or general surgery in agony, largely unrelieved except by slugs of whiskey or wine. Archaeology suggests that such was not the case — at least, not for everyone. Some of our ancient ancestors were quite creative…

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The untold truth of Area 51

The Untold Truth Of Area 51

Area 51 is most commonly thought of as the place where the government keeps UFOs and alien secrets, but no one outside the highest levels of government knows the truths that hide in the top secret base. Only one document has been declassified for public knowledge concerning Area 51, and it doesn’t tell us much.…

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How Freshwater Cultured Pearls Began

Freshwater cultured pearls. Pearls are produced by mollusks, mussels or oysters belonging to the Unionidae family. Saltwater pearls are produced by oysters in the ocean, while freshwater pearls come from mussels growing in lakes, rivers or ponds other than the ocean. These mollusks create a substance called nacre when an irritant object enters its shell.…

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The Deadly Alaskan Bermuda Triangle

You’ve probably heard legends about planes and ships mysteriously disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. But those legends don’t come close to the serious disappearances that have plagued Alaska for decades. There’s a region of wilderness known by names like ‘Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle’ and it’s far more deadlier than its tropical cousin. Missing In Alaska The…

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