The Call Up

The Call Up. Eight top-ranked gamers are sent an invitation to beta test a new virtual reality game with a $100,000 prize.

the call up

After arriving and changing into motion capture suits, they are scanned by a machine and instructed to put on virtual reality gear.

Zahid, a Bosnian Muslim who chose his username ironically, refuses to wear gear that labels him as a terrorist.

After he discovers the exit is now locked, Shelly convinces him to play, saying they understand he meant the name ironically.

Rating: 7/10

the call up strip

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Once everyone puts on their helmets, a computer simulation replaces the high-tech office building they are in with a post-apocalyptic, war-torn setting.

A simulated sergeant enters and explains their goal: Russian terrorists have taken over each floor of the building, and they must clear a path to the bottom, starting at the 25th floor.

Although relieved the terrorists are not Muslim, Zahid expresses regret in accepting the invitation, though the others are excited.

The first level, a tutorial, is easily cleared, and Andre, a former soldier, takes the lead.

The players are soon alarmed, however, when Carl is wounded and says the VR suit’s feedback caused him actual pain. Taylor becomes increasingly panicked and reveals she took her friend’s place.

Shelly promises to protect her.

Suspicious of Andre’s military background, Marco accuses him of being involved in the game’s design.

Upset, Andre leaves the group and is shot by a terrorist who hasĀ respawned.


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