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There are nine different professions in WOW Classic, each with its own characteristics. Through the collection of materials, wowclassicgp has compiled a guide on careers, including talent, weapons and equipment.Although there will be some omissions, but also can buy wow classic gold and provide some reference for players, I hope everyone is happy in the game.

The following reported Hunter issues currently aren’t being considered as a bug and are actually working as intended:

Hunter “dead zone” is working as expected and is consistent with the Reference Client
A wolf pet’s Howl buff is consumed by anything that causes damage, even if it does not benefit from the buff
A Hunter pet’s Bite and Claw ability damage will not change in the tooltip based on the happiness of the pet. The tooltip will always display the damage as if the pet were Content (yellow). This is consistent with the Reference client

Note: This was reported several times to us based on 1.2 patch notes which seem to have been misunderstood. The intent here is simply that damage displayed is what the pet would deal if it were Content, not what it deals based on its current happiness level.

Traps can sometimes not be triggered if a player moves over them very quickly (i.e. a Warrior’s Charge ability). This behavior is consistent with the Reference client.
Auto Shot does not make a sound when cast during the animation of Hunter’s Mark and certain other abilities
Scatter Shot, Wyvern Sting, and Freezing Trap share diminishing returns
A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break players out of stealth

Blizzard writes that the Classic team is still hard at work to fix issues that haven’t been mentioned above, and the team hopes to have fixed most of the issues prior to Classic’s launch next month.

The following issues have been confirmed as bugs and are currently still ‘Known Issues’ according to Blizzard:

Hunter pets that died while the hunter was in a battleground are resurrected in an unhappy state when the battleground ends
Auto Shot does not animate or display a missile when it fires immediately after Aimed Shot
Aspect of the Pack will sometimes attempt to apply itself to mounted party members
When a Quiver or Ammo Pouch is equipped, the tooltip for Aimed Shot incorrectly reflects an attack speed bonus from the Quiver or Ammo Pouch that it does not actually receive
When taming a pet that teaches the Hunter a new Beast Training ability, the chat message does not report the ability’s rank
The Hunter’s quiver may occasionally appear in the Hunter’s hand instead of the Hunter’s equipped weapon

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