Is there a deeper reason for Facebook getting hacked so easily?

Facebook getting hacked is no longer frontpage news. The shocking high number of violated accounts, with every hack, gets publicly accepted now without a murmur.

facebook getting hacked

Nobody cries to the heavens for explanations anymore. Facebook gets hacked and Zuckerberg says he’s sorry, then Facebook gets hacked again and Zuckerberg says he’s sorry, again. And so it goes around and around.

This fenomena is slowly and unnoticed steering into a certain direction. It’s patiently teaching people to get use to the invasion of their privacy. It’s called brainwashing the people.

Has anybody ever wondered how it is possible to hack a website again and again with such highly advanced code as Facebook? The security measures must be something to behold!

Or, does this website really get hacked …

Facebook is notorious for selling it’s members out for money. But everybody is okay with it now because everybody is used to it now. The Facebook members has grown numb to this violating practice and learned to live around it. Anyway, there is not much that they can do about it because Facebook has become the centerpoint to society’s social life today.

In other words, Facebook has become the most powerful entity in modern history, including Twitter and Google. It’s untouchable. Shares can fall but it’s most valuable currency still grows everyday – the people.

This all begs the question: Does Facebook really gets hacked or is it a Facebook ploy to cover up that they themselves is behind this whole new system to hide the selling of user information?

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Think about it. It’s like hiding in plain site. If they get ‘hacked’ every 3 months or so then they can just shrug their shoulder when being cornered and blame hacking for the leak of personal information.

And the bonus is that they condition people not to care anymore about the privacy of their information, or expect it.


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