It’s very important to choose your race and faction in Burning Crusade Classic, because your choice will not be changed once selected. If you have no idea about the race and faction, please go ahead to learn details below, which introduce the best race and class combinations for both Horde and Alliance. Just take a look to make your decisions.

Class and Race combinations suggested for Horde in TBC Classic

In Burning Crusade Classic, Horde can choose their class and race according to the following suggestions:
– Druid: Tauren
– Hunter: Trolls in PvE; Orcs in PvP.
– Mage: Trolls in PvE; Undead in PvP.
– Paladin: Blood Elves
– Priest: Trolls in PvE; Undead in PvP.
– Rogue: Orcs is the best race to choose. Then Trolls in PvE and Undead in PvP.
– Shaman: Trolls for healers and ranged DPS; Orcs for Melee.
– Warlock: Orc and Forsaken
– Warriors: Orcs is suitable for DPS warriors. Taurens have powerful AoE stun, Trolls are solid tanks, and Undead is strong for PvP.

Class and Race combinations suggested for Alliance in TBC Classic

If you join in Alliance in Burning Crusade Classic, you can choose a suitable one from the following Class and Race combinations:
– Druid: Night Elves
– Hunter: Night Elves
– Mage: Human; Gnome
– Paladin: Human especially for Protection and Retribution.
– Priest: Human; Dwarves
– Rogue: Human
– Shaman: Draenei
– Warlock: Gnomes
– Warriors: Humans

All in all, the best race and class combinations in Burning Crusade Classic are shared above. What’s more, WOWClassicGP will continue to provide cheap wow classic gold for sale for you.

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