The battleship. During the exercises, five alien spacecraft arrive in response to the NASA signal.


Their communications ship collides with a satellite and crashes in Hong Kong, causing heavy casualties and damage while the other four (a mothership and three warships) land in the water near the coast of Hawaii.

Sampson, John Paul Jones, and the JMSDF Kongō-class destroyer Myōkō are ordered to investigate.

Upon arrival at the indicated location, they discover a massive dormant floating structure.

Rating: 8/10


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When Alex touches the structure, it knocks him away and generates a massive force field that encloses the Hawaiian Islands, separating the Navy ships from the RIMPAC fleet.

The warships emerge from beneath the water and face the Navy ships in a defensive posture.

Under Stone’s orders, Sampson issues a blast from its foghorn, but one of the alien warships answers it with a damaging sonic blast, forcing Stone to order the John Paul Jones to fire a warning shot.

This causes the alien warship monitors to reevaluate the Earth ships’ friend or foe status, changing the color for the Navy ships from green to red and the alien warships respond with shots of their own.

In the ensuing engagement, both the Sampson and the Myōkō are destroyed and sunk, and the John Paul Jones is badly damaged.

In the ensuing crossfire, the Captain, the Commanding and the Executive Officers of the John Paul Jones are all killed.

From the Zodiac, Alex sees his brother die in the explosion aboard the Sampson and returns to his ship.

Being the most senior officer left on the ship, he is forced to take command, to his own disbelief and the disbelief of the crew.

Angered by his brother’s death, Alex orders an attack, but Beast manages to dissuade him.


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