The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch is not for everyone.

There is a hostile desert wasteland that is home to thousands of people that was dumped there because society finds them unacceptable. Oh, it’s fenced off. They are going nowhere.

We follow the life of Arlen, caught by a savage band of cannibals. ¬†She realized the hard way that she’ll have to fight for her very existence in this human-is-food world.

This horrifying tale is presented on a basic and brutal level of visual interpretation that captures your attention, whether you want to or not.

Rating: 6/10

bad batch

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A young woman named Arlen is tattooed and dropped inside a fenced-in area outside of Texas. A sign declares that the area is considered property outside of the U.S. and that American laws no longer apply.

Shortly thereafter Arlen is attacked by two women in a golf cart.

When she awakens she is chained up and realizes she has been captured by cannibals who remove first her arm, then her leg.

Arlen eventually covers herself in feces, causing one of the cannibals to untie her so she can be washed.

Arlen uses this moment to attack the woman and escape, using only a skateboard.

She is picked up in the desert by a strange man who takes her to a makeshift town named Comfort where she is cared for and given a prosthetic leg.

Five months later, a mostly healed Arlen heads out to the desert, where she sees a golf cart similar to the one she was picked up in.

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