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Asmodians also bother the Elyos frequently

DayBreak as well as being in charge of EQ2 It doesn’t care too much about WoW players (aka micro transactions p2w mechanics, etc.) and uses it to aion classic kinah attract new players as well as older players to a sport that has numerous issues live, and is often stricken by the number and mechanic bloat.

Although I’m not certain how much I can play, I play on Siel server on Aion Classic. It’s very bustling both at night and during the day (I’m NA East). It’s a lot of fun and populous with both NA and EU players so I say to join us. :

After some further research, I am not joining, mainly because of the business behind aion. It will take me too long to catch up. I’m not an eagle, and it’s going to be an absolute nightmare to be successful.

Asmodians also bother the Elyos frequently in Heiron Some go as that they smack people farming Aether in the vicinity of the gate…Some are able to gank you when you are low on health due to mobs that are pve, or when you’re fighting a mob. You don’t want to lose any advantage if it were yours.

Retail was transformed into something completely different. Everything you played as when you were a child is still around which is why I wouldn’t suggest it. I’ve explained the main distinctions in my post history for those interested in learning what changed/happening.

Classic is a great choice however, there are only two servers so they are still balancing. Siel is higher pop and asmodian heavy, and they hold the bulk of the abyss. This can make it difficult to farm AP sometimes because of it.

Israphel has lower pop, but is more heavy on elyos. They have around 50% of the abyss, with the remaining 50% comprised of balaur and asmo, which makes it easier to harvest AP. I’m NA but play during EU time, and although it’s not always quiet, I’ve never had too hard time in finding groups.

Israphel is dead, to be honest. Even though it’s a lot easier to farm AP in forts due to them being more spred yet you’ll find the same 5-6 players continuously farming the guards making it difficult to gain AP when you are at level 45+.

That’s why I’m trying to bring some vitality back into it. At the very least , there’s forts to defend or capture, but all I’ve buy aion classic kinah eu read about Siel is that the asmos are in an iron grip and won’t even let any go to be recapped later.

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