I believe the distinction is abilities with WOW WOTLK Classic Gold a price that affects versus ones which don’t, likely for functions of downranking. So for example Raptor Strike has rankings though it’s melee because it uses varying amounts of mana. Whereas Sinister Strike just ever reveals one rank because it’s a fixed price. Well, not necessarily. Probably mana price. Rogues don’t have charm ranks either. There’s no reason why you would need to down-rank on almost any course that doesn’t use mana, as their costs do not go up either.That’s a great question – are there any rage or energy-using abilities that change cost between positions? I guess not.

There is an NPC at each Zeppelin tower. In the majority of cases 2. I believe it says”Zeppelin Master” beneath their title. If you talk to them, they will tell you where the Zeppelin they are standing nearest to is headed. Same in certain harbors with ships. There is only 1 npc per Zeppelin or boat that will tell you, though there may be several others standing around also who tell you nothing of value. Just click around til you get one that pops up a box with some text that comprises a destination and that is how you will know.

I relate to this. I clearly recall when I took the zepp to Undercity the very first time and just how excited I was. When I finally dinged 60 I had many days played since I spent a lot of my time researching areas and trying out all the dungeons just for the sake of it. All the humorous random conversations and interactions. Appreciate WOW WoTLK Classic!

ZulGurub raid is now Reside in WOW WoTLK Classic

That just sums up WOW WoTLK Classic. I recall when it released people were hyped and arguing with each other about retail/WOW WoTLK Classic and which is more challenging raiding wise. Molten Core comes out and it has ruined within the first week, and then people were saying that Blackwing Lair are a real challenge but that got cleared over 42 minutes. WOW WoTLK Classic will not be challenging because the mechanics are too simple for the people that play it because they have been playing WOW WoTLK Classic for 15 years and WOW players now would probably kill”impossible to kill pre-nerf C’thun” in 5 pulls.

The challenge back in the afternoon was figuring out all the encounters and gearing up your raid before that. Attempting BWL without most of the raid having MC equipment was a waste of time. Now all plans have been proven and tested, the people playing WOW WoTLK Classic are largely veterans also. So it’s piss easy. Mainly because people were poor, not since that gear was actually needed except possibly for a few selected buy WOTLK Classic Gold players like the MT. Don’t overlook how far more prevalent it was for a player to possess bad net, or a PC that couldn’t really manage boss battles.

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