However, it’s here NBA 2K MT where things start to become a little odd. There’s a limit on being a sixth-man exiting the game. You could score as high as 70 points the game but won’t be a starter. It also serves as the beginning point for your competition with “Shep,” a player taken one spot below you in the draft.There an underlying storyline to career mode determines much of what you are able to or cannot do.You may continue to score 70 points per game until you begin the season, but Kendrick Perkins will make fun of you literally.

And that’s what the problem is for the career mode. I was ready to step in and play games but I was forced to talk to JJ Redick and Perkins or figure out how I can be a success in the city regardless of my performance on the court.I wasn’t, but I was averaging 70 points and had a pretty poor performance in my debut game. Lakers Twitter would have absolutely shocked me.

So, I made the choice that Damian Lillard is too afraid to do, he escaped the grind and employed VC to enhance my playing. It was much more enjoyable to play games ….in-between getting to meet Ronnie 2K and the rapping of randoms.The incorporation of the city and career mode was a brilliant movethat simplified Buy NBA 2K MT multiple modes as well as bringing an enjoyable open-world element to the game as well.

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