After Earth

After Earth. In the 21st century, an environmental cataclysm forces the human race to abandon Earth and to settle on a new world, Nova Prime.

after earth strip

One thousand years later, the Ranger Corps, a peacekeeping organization commanded by General Cypher Raige (Will Smith), comes into conflict with the S’krell, alien creatures who intend to conquer Nova Prime.

Their secret weapons are the Ursas, large predatory creatures that hunt by “sensing” fear.

The Rangers struggle against the Ursas until Cypher learns how to completely suppress his fear, a technique called “ghosting.”

After teaching this technique to the other Rangers, he leads the Ranger Corps to victory.

Rating: 7/10

after earth stripe

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Meanwhile, Cypher’s son Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) blames himself for the death of his sister Senshi (Zoë Kravitz) at the hands of an Ursa.

Kitai trains to become a Ranger like Cypher, but his application is rejected due to his recklessness, and Cypher views him as a disappointment.

Kitai’s mother Faia (Sophie Okonedo) convinces Cypher to take Kitai on his last voyage before retirement.

During their flight, however, an asteroid shower forces their spaceship to crash-land on the now-quarantined Earth, near erstwhile Central America.

Both of Cypher’s legs are broken, and the main emergency rescue beacon damaged.

Cypher instructs Kitai to locate the tail section of the ship, which broke off on entry to the atmosphere. Inside is the backup beacon which they can use to signal Nova Prime.


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