World of Warcraft Classic was released on August 26, 2019, bringing a series of new Raid quests, adventures, locations, and dungeons along with skill trees and a much smaller world to take nostalgic players to go back to the original fays of WOW.

A few days ago, we mentioned that Blizzard released Phase 4 of WOW Classic, resulting in an increasing player subscription, which proves that Classic edition has attracted much attention.

Surely, you can choose to join the guild and fight alongside your companions in WOW Classic. In the recent battle, someone discovered a high-level guild completed a specific raid in an incredible method.

The guild called BLaDE of Kill defeated the raid boss Hakkar the Soulflayer without first defeating any of its five high priest bosses earlier in the raid, which was previously thought to be all but impossible. As any of those five high priest bosses can give Hakkar a powerful extra ability or buff, and all five together has spelled doom for any challengers until now.

That is, no one can resist such a powerful attack to defeat Hakkar, but this guild skipped most of the raid content, and killed the iconic raid boss Hakkar in less than 2 minutes.

No cheating, the high-level guild must make too much preparation to accept such a long-term undefeated challenge. Every member has high-level equipment to defend and deal damage to kill bosses as quickly as possible with their smallest store. This is not something any guild can follow, you must have years of WOW experience and excellent proficiency in Classic first.

Based on these experiences, if you want to achieve great success in WOW Classic, it is best to join the guild, which would offer more opportunities to prove yourself and get a rapid development.

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