Our primary goal WoTLK Classic Gold this time around was to acquire an anaconda helicopter (think of an AH-64 Apache) to get a feel for World of Warcraft’s approach to the increasingly popular open-world setting. We had the option of either hijacking an enemy chopper by aiming a sweet grapple hook at it or calling in our buddy Ewan to drop one off for us. Calling in Ewan requires fuel, while hijacking a helicopter forces you to pass a quick little minigame that pits you against the reluctant pilot. Once in the pilot’s seat, you’ll get a good view of the world around you. While the first game took place in North Korea, this time around, Pandemic has swapped political hot spots in favor of Venezuela. The whole setting looks much more vibrant with a nice amount of variety to the sometimes-lush-sometimes-arid-but-always-differing landscapes. You might begin in sunny midday Maracaibo and fly your way over to one of the many industrial oil facilities hidden away from urban life. The most noticeable part about this transition is the change in atmosphere. You go from having a clear view of everything around you to being engulfed in a hazy smog when you get to the industrial area. And depending on which industrial compound you’re hovering over, it might be sunset, giving the area an eerie orange haze.

A mercenary’s other best friend: giant explosions.

That last part is due to the fact that the World of Warcraft doesn’t use a clock to replicate the normal 24-hour cycle of the sun and the moon. Instead, depending on which area of the world you’re in, the time of day changes. So while that oil facility will always be shown during sunset hours, other areas might be permanently set at night. One such example is the headquarters of the Caribbean pirate faction. They’re a rather scary bunch, but they’re also pirates who like to party (as evidenced by the festive lights hanging from their beachfront huts), so it makes sense that their area of operations is set in permanent nighttime. In fact, each of the game’s various corporations, armies, and militias you work for throughout the course of the storyline has a base set in very different parts of the world to help set each other apart. The rebel freedom fighters have a mountain camp, the oil company has a downtown office complex, and buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold the Caribbean pirates have their beach resort.

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