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While I’m not saying that runescape should be more like WOW

Profit breakdown: 13.2k Broad Bolts. I make approximately 5 gp per bolt, which is (5*13200] = 66,000. 16 Marks of Grace. 10 Marks of Grace equal 100 amylase RS 2007 Gold. 1 mark of grace = 10 amylase = 800 (850 ea*10). 8500 *16 = 136,000 Marks of Grace. It is possible to make millions by acquiring 99 or 90 agility. This will make it possible to get 99s that are buyable long term. That was a great read.

Personally, I don’t like the five families thing. It’s too similar to Prifddinas and Runescape 3 content shouldn’t have been reused (that’s boring). I’m also worried that you may decide to go with one group. You remove the content from all four. I prefer the original Port Roberts idea better. Port Roberts could be the main tie between Asgarnia/Kandarin/Misthalin and the new continent, and resemble those areas more than the rest of the continent.

Although I dislike the fact that there are gnomes in this region however, it isn’t logical because they’re not sailors. But, I do like the idea. The trade between the continent of Africa as well as other parts of the globe is officially controlled by the customs authorities, which taxes a lot and makes it difficult and more. People have begun to use illegal smugglers as trade partners due to their anger at customs officials.

You could pick to side either way powers in quests. Colonial Boston is the closest thing I’ve come up with to an actual-life equivalent. The entire region of Runescape currently comprise a portion of medieval Europe or the near east Buy RS Gold. For example, Fremmeniks-Scandanavia, Karamja-Sub-Saharan Africa, Asgarnia/Misthalin/Kandarin-England, Morytania-Eastern Europe, Al Kharid-Arabia.

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