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Beautiful Oil Pastel Drawings of Flowers Drenched In Golden Honey

Beautiful Oil Pastel Drawings 2

Flowers drenched in golden honey.  Brian Owens, based in Connecticut, creates large-scale oil pastel drawings of flowers.


However, these aren’t your ordinary still-lifes. The series stimulates the viewer’s senses by depicting each hyperreal rose, lily, and peony drenched in golden honey. Each stunning piece looks like a macro photo, featuring incredible detail and texture. Every petal, stem, and leaf glistens under a blanket of sweet nectar, while thick drips cascade from bouquets and single flowers.

Owens’ process begins by arranging his floral compositions in real life and taking hundreds of photos. He tells My Modern Met in an email, “Once I have exhausted the subject (or myself), I sift through my photos until I have found a favorite image. I gather pastels for my palette and cut my template from a roll of 56″ sanded paper. After this stage, creativity takes a back seat, and execution takes the wheel.” Taking weeks—or sometimes even months—to create each soft pastel work, the artist lays down the outline before adding layers of color, texture, light, and shadow. The resulting masterpieces showcases Owens’ incredible talent, as well as his impressive patience and attention to detail.

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Beautiful Oil Pastel Drawings 6

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