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The Most Bizarre Alien Abduction Stories Of All Times

Alien abduction claims have become a godsend for science fiction writers, bored reporters, and stand-up comedians since the early 1950s. First-hand accounts of alien abductions number in the thousands, and it would seem that a sizeable majority of alien abductees…

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Improvements to OSRS Bounty Hunter on May 14

According to the lastest official news post, Some improvements to Bounty Hunter will be released with this update.Here you could learn the OSRS Bounty Hunter changes,new tasks and more. New tasks for OSRS Bounty Hunter The develop team replacing some…

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A Soul’s Bane OSRS Quest Guide

A Soul’s Bane is an OSRS quest that focuses on finding the lost son of Launa Talvoy, who has unfortunately disappeared in a rift outside of Varrock. Let’s jump into it!For this novice and medium quest, you’ll need a rope,…