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OSRS Fairytale Part 1

Today we are going to dive into OSRS Fairytale Part 1, or to be more exact OSRS Fairytale Growing Pains which is the first part of the OSRS Fairytale quest series. The quest is focused on the farmers in OSRS…

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OSRS Pirates Treasure

Usually pirates are known for drinking rum and looking for some treasures and in this quest it’s not that different. But if you’re a fan of pirates, you’re going to enjoy this quest. To find OSRS Pirates Treasure you must…

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OSRS Fremennik Isles Quest Guide

In this article we are going to walk you through the OSRS Fremennik Isles quest, this quest is for members and it’s from the Fremennik quest series. OSRS Fremennik Isles is about the two Fremennik islands Jatizso and Neitiznot, who…

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RS iOS Closed Beta wave #4 & #5 running on May 27

According to the recent official news post,the Runescape team announced the last two waves of sign-ups for the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta.Here you could learn the details and how to sign up RS iOS Closed Beta. When are the 4th…

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Ahn’Quiraj & Phase 5 release Preparation

When will Ahn’Quiraj release?The Phase 5 and Ahn’Quiraj release is just around the corner. An announcement is most likely happening in the next couple of weeks, though you want to start preparing for it before that. Once it has been…

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Enchanting Guide Classic WoW

Welcome to our guide for Enchanting in WoW Classic! Enchanting is a primary profession that allows players to add permanent buffs to weapons and equipment, as well as the ability to make Wands, consumables and reagents used by some other…

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Improvements to the OSRS Chambers of Xeric with Update this week

This week sees the release of some improvements to the OSRS Chambers of Xeric ,and corrected a few other issues with the raid.Here you could learn the Vanguard changes and others. Changes to Vanguard OSRS this week To making the…

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Ferocious Gloves OSRS

When thinking of gloves, Which are the best gloves for Melee that come to mind? If the answer is Ferocious gloves OSRS then yes, you are correct. They are a pair of melee gloves that give the best attack bonuses….

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Choose Your Corruption for Echoes of Ny’alotha

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World Of Warcraft Classic: How To Reach Max Level Only Through Killing Boars?

As a nostalgic game, Blizzard did not add a 120-level cap to World of Warcraft Classic, but the maximum of 60, which means that players only need less time to reach the maximum, but each level they upgrade creates more…

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A Ukraine Real-Life Pennywise The Clown Risks Spending 5 Years in Prison

A mysterious prankster who has been dressing up as Pennywise the evil clown from the popular “It” films and trying to scare passers-by has been getting a lot of attention in Ukraine, including from prosecutors who think the people behind…

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What is Runescape IOS Closed BETA and How Does It Work?

For iOS owners, Winter 2017 has been a long time coming – and the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta has kicked off on May 11th. What is RS iOS Close Beta? The RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is the first chance for…

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News.The Guide of RS Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

According to the lastest official news post,the Runescape team getting their brains in gear for Mental Health Awareness Week. Read on to find out all about how you can participate and collect RS charity tokens for various rewards. How to…

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The Origins Of Our Favorite Monster Myths

These days, monsters feel as American as apple pie. They star in our movies, and turn our Six Flags theme parks into Fright Nights. Tom Cruise fights them, and Kristen Stewart gets freaky with them. We treat them like a…

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World of Warcraft Classic Layering Mechanic Is Removed

When the release of World of Warcraft Classic in August last year, Blizzard had to add more servers and use the layering mechanics to prevent players from queuing for too long due to the inability of existing servers to carry…

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How Can You Level Alts Fast in Classic WoW

During Vanilla’s initial release, it seemed impossible to have multiple top-level characters. The leveling process is very difficult. Especially compared to the present in Retail WoW, players can use ancestral items and LFG tools. However, in classic games, wow gold…

alien abduction
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The Most Bizarre Alien Abduction Stories Of All Times

Alien abduction claims have become a godsend for science fiction writers, bored reporters, and stand-up comedians since the early 1950s. First-hand accounts of alien abductions number in the thousands, and it would seem that a sizeable majority of alien abductees…

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Improvements to OSRS Bounty Hunter on May 14

According to the lastest official news post, Some improvements to Bounty Hunter will be released with this update.Here you could learn the OSRS Bounty Hunter changes,new tasks and more. New tasks for OSRS Bounty Hunter The develop team replacing some…

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A Soul’s Bane OSRS Quest Guide

A Soul’s Bane is an OSRS quest that focuses on finding the lost son of Launa Talvoy, who has unfortunately disappeared in a rift outside of Varrock. Let’s jump into it!For this novice and medium quest, you’ll need a rope,…

Chuck Norris
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False Facts About Chuck Norris That You Always Thought Were True

Chuck Norris is one of those celebrities whose life in the spotlight isn’t all that far removed from the life he really lives. That makes it super-hard to separate Chuck Norris the man, from Chuck Norris the myth. Ready to…

deep space
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Deep Space Could Lead To Genetically Modified Humans

Deep space exploration could lead to the emergence of a new breed of genetically- or robotically-modified humans, a top astronomer has predicted. U.K. Astronomer Royal Martin Rees said that in future, some people may decide to leave Earth in order…

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Shadowlands Interview with Ion Hazzikostas

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Blizzard Announced A Board Game: Small World Of Warcraft

Since its release in 2004, World of Warcraft has successfully created a lot of derivative games, and as early as 2005, it had the first Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games based on World of Warcraft. This was a long…

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Mimicking Earth’s greenhouse gases with aerogel could make Mars habitable

EARTH VERSUS MARS. Earth is basically perfect for human beings. The distance from the sun is right, the oxygen in the air is right and the atmosphere — containing necessary greenhouse gases and protecting us from most foreign objects like…

green technology
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Green Technology That Will Change The Future Of International Trade

GREEN TECHNOLOGY. As global warming and climate change continue to serve as threats to humanity, increasing numbers of people want to see green technology used more heavily in global trade. Those involved in an industry that could soon be radically…

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Create A Corona Virus Crisis Management Plan For Your Business

Easy Ways to Create a Coronavirus Crisis Management Plan As small business owners, we’re prepared for a lot of things, whether it’s a seasonal shift in sales or an unexpected employee absence we have to step in and cover. But…

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4 Ways To Sell Services In A Slow Economy

If you’d like know a few low cost or even free ways to market your services in a slow economy, then here are four methods to build a multiple six-figure personal training business from scratch, in just a couple of…

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Ready to join in OSRS J-Mod Events now!

OSRS J-Mods have organised a programme of in-game events to keep you entertained in isolation.All events will take place on World 310.Here you could learn the OSRS J-Mods events schedule , details and more. Gielinor’s Longest Conga Line Time:May 12th,…

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News.This week RuneScape finally arrives on IOS!

According to the lastest official news post,Runescape IOS Closed Beta have arrived on May 11th.Read the details below to learn how to sign up and play the closed beta on your device. RS IOS Closed Beta running from May.11 RS…

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Wargames in Classic WoW

balbIn a recent player discovery by Twitch streamer Yesmasterx, Classic WoW fully supports wargames in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and even Alterac Valley. The feature even supports Horde versus Horde and Alliance versus Alliance wargames. Back in February, the idea…