Athenian Revolution
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History Of Revolutions : Athenian Revolution (508–507 BCE)

(recommend audio) The Athenian Revolution (508–507 BCE) was a revolt by the people of Athens that overthrew the ruling aristocratic oligarchy,  establishing the almost century-long self-governance of Athens in the form of a participatory democracy – open to all free…

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WoW Classic Gets Some Changes in Phase 3

Now, the highly anticipated World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 is available, which and halfway point is a major turning point for the game. The next update of the classic game scheduled to be released on February 12th at 5…

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10 Clues That You’re Addicted To Facebook!

Facebook has become a part of modern life. People spend large amounts of time posting things, reading profiles and joining groups. To what extent can we call the compulsion an addiction? Here are a few signs that suggest that you…