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The best strategies to make money at roulette are here! Check out this and much more from the universe of online casinos.

We all want to come across the winning formula that will allow us to win money at roulette! And it could be that one of our users here at found the key we needed! In other words, among all known strategies, he investigated a key that could be the definitive one. So turn off the television and learn some of the best techniques for winning at online sanook168 casinos! Surely you want to know more about it, right? So let’s propose a deal: 400% BONUS up to R$8,000 to get started! This way you will be able to set in motion the 2 online roulette strategies that we will explain below!

And most importantly: always play with online roulette strategy! That is, place your bet on some concrete numbers (always the same ones). 34, 27, 30, and also 28 and 29. When you hit the number, you multiply your bet 35 times. In other words, bet BRL 5 that the number 34 will come out and, if it does, you win BRL 180 !


Tonight things went better than expected. In just four hours he won nothing less than 14 thousand reais using the 2 strategies to earn money at roulette. It had been a while that whenever I played roulette, I repeated the same strategy. That was: he bet some concrete numbers and if he got it right he would multiply the bet 35 times more. And he didn’t stop getting it right!


A ball that spins on the roulette wheel and lands on a square with a number and a color. This is basically the game of roulette and with it came dozens of strategies that claim to know how to win at roulette. In reality, these types of European roulette strategies are only valid as a way of playing, but they do not guarantee an assured success.

Therefore, although there are websites that claim to have a strategy that ensures success, this is not quite the case. Luck counts too! There is neither a magic formula nor casino roulette strategies to be able to win every time. However, there are ways to play that many experts recommend following. For that, we give all new players BRL 400!



This is one of the most famous roulette strategies and can be used not only in online casinos but in betting and other games of chance! It should be noted that the use of Martingale in betting is a valid system as well. This strategy to make money in online roulette was born a long time ago before computers existed.

We are talking about 18th century France and it consists of betting a fixed amount on the initial bet and, in case you lose it, DOUBLE the amount bet! It’s the way to go until you win a bet!

This way, you will get the benefit of the amount you place as the initial bet when you start playing roulette. It is used in simple bets like “double or nothing”: red-black, even-odd, etc.


First step: We bet R$1.00 on black. If we win we repeat the same step. If we lost, let’s go to the next step.

Step two: We bet $2.00 on black (double the previous hand). If we win, we go back to step 1. If we lose, we go to step 3.

Step three: We bet R$4.00 on black (double step 2). Again, if we win we start again, and if we lose we go to step 4.

Step four: We bet R$8.00 on black (double step 3). Just like in the previous step, if we win, we go back from the beginning. However, if we lost, we go to step 5.

Step five: We double the bet again: R$16.00. Whether you win or lose, we’re back to step 1! If we won in the last step, profits would grow to R$16.00, while losses would be 1+2+4+8 = R$15.00. We will have won R$1.00, the equivalent of the initial bet.


This method of making money in online roulette is based on the Law of Balance, developed by the French mathematician of the same name. The strategy is to add a bet unit after a failure. Likewise, the same amount will be reduced in the case of a hit.

It is one of the most used European roulette strategies or systems in online casinos! Furthermore, it is also known by the name of the Pyramid system. It is a betting system for players who want to keep a set number of bets and losses to a minimum.


First step: First, we take a unit. We bet 2 chips and win. Profits: +2 / Neto: (-1-2+3+2) = +2

Step five : We download another unit more. We bet 1 and lose. Losses: -1 / Grandson: (-1-2+3+2-1) = +1

Step alone. We bet 1 chip and lose. Loss: -1 / Grandson: -1

Step two: We add a unit. We bet 2 chips and lose. Loss: -2 / Grandson: (-1-2) = -3

Step three: We bet another unit. We bet 3 chips and win. Profits: +3 / Neto: (-1-2+3) = 0

Step four :  behold: We add a token. We bet 2 and win. Profits: +2 / Neto: (-1-2+3+2-1+2) = +3

The D’Alembert system is designed so that the same number of winning and losing plays (balance) gives a positive balance final result of the same number of winning plays in the series!


Ultimately, there are strategies that offer some guarantee that your favorite online casino’s results will be more positive than other tactics. This is even more so in the case of casinos that offer all roulettes in electronic mode.

But as we always say, there are no strategies to earn money in roulette peremptorily. What there are aids, not a 100% safe way to win online roulette. That’s why we invite you again to put these strategies into practice to earn extra money online!

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