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How Can We Find Out What's On That Secret Base?

How Can We Find Out What’s On That Secret Base?

  You have a secret base sequestered in the high desert just north of Las Vegas and you're doing things up there that have piqued my interest. I'm determined to have a look at your facility. UFO's and America's new aircraft technology are the most closely guarded government and military secrets ... Read More
Social Media Anxiety And Addiction

How To Know If Someone Has Social Media Anxiety And Addiction

Yes, Social Media Anxiety Disorder does exist. It seems that the more technology we acquire, the more stressed out we become. According to the experts, almost 20% of people with social media accounts cannot go more than three hours without checking them. That's a lot of people. So, what is ... Read More
greek mythology pegasus

Greek Mythology : The Winged Stallion Called Pegasus

Pegasus is a Mythological Creature described as a beautiful, pure white stallion with wings. He was born from the blood of Medusa. She could turn men into stone should they look into her face, but the hero Perseus decapitated her. His brother Chrysaor, who was depicted as a human, was born at the same ... Read More
buried alive unhinged precautions

How To Survive If You Wake Up And You’re Buried Alive

So, you've been buried alive. We're not going to lie to you — things are looking real bleak right now. How you got there is not important. Let's focus on the immediate problem: You've woken up six feet under, trapped in your own coffin and you have no idea how to ... Read More
San Jose Galleon spanish

The Fight Over The Sunken Treasure Of The San Jose Galleon

Sunken treasure. The company Sea Search Armada found a three-hundred-year-old wreck of a Spanish sailboat (galleon) in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia in 1981. It was identified as the San Jose. The British had sunk it in the War Of The Spanish Succession in 1708 and ... Read More
greek mythology medusa

Greek Mythology : Medusa

Medusa was a golden haired beauty before she became one of the most popular monsters of Greek Mythology.  She vowed to live her life in celibacy as a priestess of Athena. But she fell in love with Poseidon. She then broke her vow to Athena to marry him. Athena was ... Read More
cheated death

They Thought They Were Lucky When They Cheated Death

People who cheat death think that they deserve to keep right on living. To die soon after would be just pointless and cruel on any level of cosmic life. There are, however, those misfortuned souls that died soon after they eluded death. The helicopter that mowed down earthquake survivors in ... Read More
How The Business Of Asylums Thrived In The 1900's

How The Business Of Asylums Thrived In The 1900’s

The enormous business of asylums thrived in the 1900's and almost anybody for any reason whatsoever could be sent to one - like the following reasons will show you: Studying can be really bad for your health And you never knew that you can study your way right into an ... Read More
breaking a mirror

Breaking A Mirror Brings Seven Years Of Bad Luck

Breaking a mirror. If a small mirror accidently breaks (like the hand-held or self-standing kind) it usually produces no more thought in most people than that they must get a new mirror. The breaking of a large wall-mounted or floor mirror, however, may still often elicit the exclamation, 'That’s seven ... Read More

CGI Award Winning Sci-Fi Short Film : Abiogenesis – by Richard Mans

Short film: 4.25 minutes – Abiogenesis channel Abiogenesis. A strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy. Watch this fantastic and breathtaking science fiction short film by the incredibly talented Richard Mans! For ... Read More
3D Animated Short Lost

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: “Lost” by RealtimeUK

Short film: 3.06 minutes – Lost channel Check out "Lost" an in-engine demo produced for Amazon's Lumberyard game engine, follows a seemingly lonely mech wondering through various landscapes before following signs of life to arrive at a lush vista and escape to freedom. Special Thank"s to formaDISSENY for making our ... Read More
hellfire club 1

A Club Whose Name Says It All – Hellfire Club

Hellfire Club. There's a certain sort of extraordinarily rich person who has a ton of time and money on their hands, and not much of an inclination to use those things to benefit society. That's been true throughout history and in the 18th century some of the richest men in ... Read More
cute owls 15

Artist Makes The Cutest Ever Owl Toys!

Cutest ever! Inspired by the charm of wildlife, especially the owls that live nearby, the 42-year-old Russian artist Marina Yamkovskaya has been creating lovely animals since 2014. And these adorable one-of-a-kind owls are the cutest thing we've seen today. Made out of real fur from recycling outlets and having flexible joints, Marina's ... Read More
miniature scenes 1

Miniature Scenes With A Darkly Satirical Twist by Frank Kunert

Miniature Scenes. “On the surface, these photographs confront us with all of the hollow words, catchphrases and banalities we encounter in our daily lives,” says Dr. Christine Donat, who provided the text for Kunert’s online portfolio. “The stereotypical and senseless aspects of human communication cannot be unveiled more convincingly than in their ... Read More
Imaginative Insects 1

Imaginative Insects Formed From Resin and Brass by Hiroshi Shinno

Imaginative insects. Japanese artist Hiroshi Shinno builds hyperrealistic sculptures of insects that don’t exist, perfect forms of imaginative species that look as if they were built from vibrant leaves and delicate flower petals. Even these aspects of the creatures are false, as each leaf or petal was cast from resin and painted ... Read More
underwater photography 1

Stunning Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers

Underwater photography. Hawaiian photographer Christy Lee Rogers creates beautiful scenes of swirling figures swathed in colorful fabrics. She creates luminous large-scale images not by using wet pigments, but rather by completely submerging her subjects in illuminated water and photographing them at night. These works, presented here, part of Rogers’ most recent series ... Read More
valentine's day

Valentine’s Day : Guaranteed Special Day For Him!

Valentines Day! What a great day for romantics at heart! Any excuse to celebrate a day of l’amour is a good excuse and on the 14th February cards, flowers and the whole love thing will be celebrated for many with romance and style. The history of this day has origins ... Read More
Willow The Adventure Cat Whom Travels In A Camper Van

Willow The Adventure Cat Whom Travels In A Camper Van

Willow the adventure cat. It’s been over 3 years since I left our hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, to travel around Australia. Although I sold my house and all my stuff, there was one thing that I just couldn’t leave behind. My cat Willow. The solution was simple. Road trip with ... Read More
Three Little Known Reasons Why Some People Cheat In Relationships

Three Little Known Reasons Why Some People Cheat In Relationships

Why some people cheat. If you're worried your partner might be thinking of cheating on you, then you'd do well to look into the psychology of cheating that is far more than just on a superficial level. Here are 3 little-known reasons why someone cheats. By understanding these, you will ... Read More
greek mythology centaurs

Greek Mythology : Centaurs – Half-Man And Half-Horse

In Greek mythology, Centaurs were half-man and half horse creatures that inhabited the mountains and forests of Thessaly. Centaurs were said to be primal, existing in tribes and making their homes in caves, hunting wild animals and arming themselves with rocks and tree branches. There are many origin myths surrounding ... Read More