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Artists and gentle souls need a place where they can breathe.

Take a quick tour of Siqik and see what it has to offer to you.  You have a selection of different tools to use to assist you in your quest of building a personal space that is you.

Special offer.  Get your own site name [] for free.  Your profile link will refer to your site name and it will officially become your website name.  

My Articles :  With social Articles you can create posts, attach the featured image, set categories and tags, and more!

Docs :  Docs that can be linked to groups or users, with a variety of privacy levels.  Support for fully-private document uploads. One-editor-at-a-time prevention against overwrites, plus idle detection/autosave.  Full access to revision history.

Groups : Members can create a group around a common interest or purpose.

Links :  Links is a drop-in link, image, video and other rich media sharing component. You can even connect to your Facebook and other social networks from here.

Activity :  It gives your social network all the features and ease of Facebook when it comes to uploading and sharing media.

Members : Shows which members are active.

And there is much more.

You have unlimited free space for saving all your device media

Get unlimited storage to upload and save your videos, pictures and docs. Move your media from your devices to Siqik and rest assured that it is safe and secure, and available on all your devices via Siqik.  On mobile click on ‘share’ and then ‘documents’ to access all your media.

Siqik sponsores external links as well, to connect you with websites that might be of value to you.

Flipboard Magazines :   Flipboard is your personal magazine. Create your own magazines.  Used by millions of people everyday, it’s a single place to keep up on the news and follow topics you care about.